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Sequence conversion


Amino acids



Nucleotide to Amino Acid

The Nucleotide Conversion tool can convert a DNA sequence into an amino acid sequence, using the first nucleotide as reading frame.

Amino Acid to Nucleotide

The Amino Acid Conversion tool will convert the amino acid sequence to a DNA nucleotide sequence based on the selected species. In general, the mapping to nucleotide codon is not a one-to-one mapping so this tool chooses a random codon corresponding to a particular amino acid.

Reverse Nucleotide sequence

To reverse (inverse) a DNA or RNA sequence. For example, ATGC will be converted into CGTA.

Complement Nucleotide sequence

To convert a DNA or RNA sequence into its complement (sence to antisence or visa-versa). For example, ATGC will be converted into TACG.


For converting to an Antiparallel sequence, the Reverse and Complement function should be used sequentially. For example, ATGC will be converted into GCAT.

DNA to RNA sequence

Thymidine will be replaced by uracil. For example, ATCG will be converted into AUCG.

RNA to DNA sequence

Uracil will be replaced by thymidine. For example, AUCG will be converted into ATCG.