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Online surveys

Scientific programs, such as epidemiological studies, often require many individuals to answer questionnaires by personal interviews, telephone calls, or send via surface mail. Whereas the results of interviews in person or by telephone can be influenced by the interviewer, written questionnaires can be neutral, resulting in objective and unbiased results.

Our solution

Additional benefits of online interviews are the possibility to interview a geographically dispersed population, cost reduction and the option for the participants to answer the questions whenever it is convenient to them, potentially leading to a better participation in your study. The answers will be more standardized compared to classical personal interviews and are therefore usually much easier to analyze. Nevertheless, the development of online surveys has to be prepared very carefully: You have to make sure that your question are understood by the participants the way you want them to be understood and interpreted, since there will be no possibility to explain your questionnaire to the participant at the moment he or she is going to answer it. Finally, a good online interview requires excellent reporting with the correct statistical analyses run in the background and with a clear output that can be easily interpreted by the research community. To solve these issues, we offer a platform to provide your surveys online to your study participant. Each person will get a unique identification code, which allows you to link the survey results to your clinical data.

Storage and analysis

All data can be collected and saved in a database hosted and maintained by in-silico. If requested, simple statistical analysis can be performed directly online. Additional analyses including the generation of figures and plots can be incorporated according to your requirements.

Audio and visual support

All online questionnaires can be supported by figures, images, movies and sounds to make it more attractive and understandable to your study participants. We can provide you and your study participants with online diaries, supported by automatically generated reminder e-mails to improve compliance.