Attention: this website and our services will be terminated in the near future. A new webiste with even more statistical calculators will take its place.


Statistical support

Statistical analyses include the collection and processing of data, the estimation of descriptive constants, the testing of scientific hypotheses and the development of experimental designs such that valid results can be obtained at the end. In this, statistics is the systematic analysis of an observed phenomenon. Good statistics might sometimes be very simple, but more often it requires complex analyses and choosing the right test from a large portfolio of different methods. Besides the innovative web based statistical tools provided on this website, we offer individual assistance with your statistical analyses within your research project. We provide biostatistical expertise for business and academic communities and assure reliable data analysis.


We offer statistical advice for the design of your studies, surveys and experiments, before writing a project proposal, visualization of your data, and guidance in the choice of appropriate statistical tests. Our strongest expertise lies in in the fields of genetics, medicine, and biology, but we are also experienced in the fields of industry, marketing, and business.

Study design

During the preparation of a study, one of the most important points is the determination of sample size. Planning a project with a proper sample size is not only important for economical, but also for ethical reasons when the study involves humans or animals. Because the amount of resources is generally limited, these calculations should be performed carefully and properly. Besides determining sample size, other important aspects of project design are the identification of confounding variables, the required manner of randomization, experimental setup, and formulation of surveys.

Data analysis

We analyze your data completely to your needs. After the calculation has been done we will present you with a full report including the calculation, results, conclusions, and possible aspects that should be considered. Once you have inspected the report you will be able to discuss the results and changes can be made if required. Although we make use of excising statistical software like SPSS and minitab, we are not limited by these packages and design our own algorithms if necessary.

Student support

Special conditions are offered for master or doctoral students. Usually you would like to concentrate on your experiments, on writing your thesis or on the scientific aspects of your first project proposal, and you might not be sufficiently familiar with the statistic aspects that have to be taken into account – don’t hesitate to make use of our expertise.