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Job application writing service

Usually, a successful job application needs to attract attention among a number of other good or even excellent applications. We support you in designing your application with a balanced assembly of your personal motivation, your individual work related experience, and your personality. An interesting, well designed application will enhance your chance to be invited to a first interview!

Complete job application

We can either design a complete application package including covering letter, cover page, your CV and additional information such as references or publication lists. Alternatively, we can optimize your application documents prepared by you and bring them into an attractive format.

German / English

You would like to apply with documents in either German or English? We assist you in translating and designing your application for this purpose. Furthermore, we will provide you with a final document that can either be used for a classical printed or for a digital application.

Our product

Basic Package Correction and formatting of your delivered application documents
Premium Package Preparation of a complete application package including cover letter, CV, short personnal profile, lists and tables according to your specifications
International Package Translation of your application documents into German or Dutch including formatting and optimization of the documents

  pupil, apprentices students, young professionals, graduates standard price executives, executive employees
Basic Package € 35.00 € 35.00 € 35.00 € 52.50
Premium Package € 36.00* € 40.00 € 45.00 € 67.50
International Package € 60.00 € 60.00 € 60.00 € 90.00

* expected expenditure of time: 3 hours

Digitization Service

Scanning and embedding of printed documents / hard copies in the digital application documents €1,50 per page

We will always endeavor to process an order as soon as possible. The standard handling time is usually 4-5 working days. In case you need the documents faster, we offer different services, which need prior agreement:

Express Service

Delivery of your documents to in-silico before 5 p.m.; order processing by in-silico until the next day before 12 o'clock.
Public Holiday Service Delivery of your documents to in-silico before a public holiday (Germany) until 5 p.m.; order processing by in-silico until the first following working day before 12 o'clock.
Weekend Service Delivery of your documents to in-silico on a Friday before 5 p.m.; order processing by in-silico until Monday before 12 o'clock.