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Database management

Research projects such as multicenter clinical trials or other collaborative studies often require a central place to store generated data and information. Such a database must be safe, reliable, well maintained, and easily accessible by all participating partners around the world.

Our product

We set up, host, and maintain the database in which information can be entered by a custom designed form based on your requirements. Entered data will be automatically validated, analyzed, and stored. As project coordinator you will be able to review all data and generate reports customized to your needs.

Your advantages

By outsourcing the management of your clinical or research database you save money and valuable time for the development of a database management system. In addition, you are guaranteed an accessible and standardized form in which your collaboration partners can enter the data. Only you and appointed persons can access the information stored in the database.

Statistical analysis

Additional to the database management, we can provide you with statistical analysis, directly integrated into the generated reports. Visualization of your data with survival curves along with proportional hazards regression is only a frequently used example.